The Dust Bunny Chronicle: One

It was in mid-September, 2007. The planets didn’t really align nor were there any major signs of some catastrophic beginning, however, that didn’t really stop the birth of a sentient dust bunny. Nay, the sentient Dust Bunny.

For you see, this particular Dust Bunny was quite peculiar. It could sense around itself, made little noises and was able to leech Wi-fi from the author’s wireless router, causing him to lose connectivity to Youtube and throttling his torrent files. But I digress. Oh, and it was alive, if you hadn’t made the connection yet.

The Dust Bunny slowly gained insights to the world through its dusty little eyes and the author’s constant use of the internet. The sly little dust bunny learnt English through the songs that the author listened to and even made a name for itself. It, is to be called George. Or Pickle, depending on its mood.

George, upon realizing it could move around by shifting its weight to a specific side of its body, causing it to lean in that direction. George noticed that if it leaned enough, it was able to cause his body to rotate and in turn, get it from one place to another. It decided to call this motion, the act of rolling. Little did it know, that it had already been invented. But let’s not kill its little ego. For now.

It took George a day, to roll from dusty corner to dusty corner, trying to interact with the blinking lights and Mobile Suits that littered the author’s desk. Suffice to say, it felt lonely, the blinking lights blinked to themselves and the Mobile Suits just looked into the distance, reminiscing of days past when they were able to roam around in trucks, waiting to get stolen.

The next morning, while the author was still asleep, George rolled over the touchpad and caused the screen of the laptop to come to life. ‘Wow!’, thought George, ‘It responded!’ The Dust Bunny then pivoted to the side to see if the bright light reacted. A little arrow seemed to be responding to George’s odd little motions but it could only get the arrow to twitch.

But what it saw was more than enough to make it squeal. It was a word, in bold, highlighted blue, underlined and most probably using a font called Times New Roman. It was the answer to George’s dire urge for a companion. Behold, the word, was Reproduction.

-George’s adventures: Day 1-


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